This is what the NHW program is about.

Did you see the ‘The Queensland Times’ article?  This is what the NHW program is about.

| 15th Mar 2017 5:00 AM penned ‘Meet the man taking up crime fight’:  He’s a logistics worker and the driving force behind a new Neighbourhood Watch community group, due to hold its first meeting next month.  Ashley Barber is calling for his neighbours to attend the new Neighbourhood Watch group’s first meeting.

“BRASSALL man Ashley Barber loves where he lives and is sick of people complaining about the suburb.”

“For months social media has lit up with reports of crime in the area near Ashley’s home, with some Facebook users claiming they plan to move out.”

“Ashley says he decided to start the group because he’d had enough of the social media chatter and wanted to give people, who believe crime is an issue in the area, the chance to be actively involved in a solution.”

“I got sick of seeing all these posts on Facebook of people saying they wanted to leave Brassall,” Ashley said.

“So no, if there’s criminals around, let’s make the crime leave the suburb instead.”

The open meeting will be held:

  • 6 April
  • Brassall State Primary School Hall, Hunter St,
  • 6p-8pm.  

All Brassall residents are welcome!  Even bring a friend.
Stay safe, be happy!


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  • Petersen Road NHWQ – ‘Caboolture 18’ – Meetings

    23rd August 2017 at 7:00pm

    • Location

      Name: Caboolture Rugby & Touch Fields (back room)
      Address: 187 Petersen Road, Morayfield, QLD
    • Contact

      NHWQ Moreton CAC (Community Advisory Committee) Member
      Name: Carol Clare
      DCPC - District Crime Prevention Coordinator
      Name: Police Officer, at Caboolture Police Station, King Street,.
      Phone: 07 5495 0428
    • Description

      Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to change our meeting dates for 2017. We have now moved to the 4th Wednesday in every 3rd month,  i.e. February, May, August & November 2017. Please put these dates in your… Read Post

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